StoutA civic debate can be staged in many places, but the ACDU recommends that these events be held in close proximity to good booze. Many bars, pubs, restaurants and craft breweries have private rooms that can be reserved, and if the turnout promises to be large enough you may even be able to take over an entire place for the evening.

While civic debates are important for fostering thoughtful reflection on the issues of the day, we should remember that few things bind a community like face-to-face social engagement. This has never been more true than today, where our public “discourse” has been herded into online forums where instead of intelligent discussion with people we respect we have insensate shouting at people we don’t know. In these cases, there is minimal chances that diverging ideas will get a fair hearing.

There’s a great deal of debate happening in America’s watering holes already. The ACDU hopes to add to it.

PS: The participants themselves are encouraged not to drink heavily until after the debate.