Inaugural Debate Set: What to Do About the Electoral College?

The first ACDU debate is set for Sunday, February 12 at 2pm at Pint’s Pub in Denver.



Resolved: That the American electorate should significantly alter the method for selecting the President of the United States.

Why this subject matters: Continue reading “Inaugural Debate Set: What to Do About the Electoral College?”

Resolved: that future presidential debates ought to use the Lincoln-Douglas format

Partisan discourse can’t sink much lower. Now is the time to resurrect a format that was made for political debates.

The third and final “debate” between presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is now mercifully in the rearview mirror, but like a direct hit from an aggrieved skunk, it might take weeks for the stink to fully die down. This trifecta of vitriolic spew has held a mirror up before the face of the American system of political discourse, and what we’re seeing is utterly wretched.

And for what? What have we learned? Did the debates make us smarter? Did it leave us more capable of rendering an informed decision? Did it shed light on the election and the best interests of the Republic? Continue reading “Resolved: that future presidential debates ought to use the Lincoln-Douglas format”