ACDU Launches: First Debate a Big Success

The American Civic Debate Union’s inaugural event was a bigger success than we dreamed of. Video, transcripts and more….

Last Sunday saw a great crowd turnout for our inaugural event, which featured myself and Dr. Frank Venturo squaring off on the question of what system might be best for electing the US president. Nobody was willing to defend the Electoral College, and the debate pivoted primarily on whether adoption of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would actually fix the problems facing America.

Turnout was larger than expected and the audience was thoroughly engaged, peppering Frank and me with a series of insightful questions.

Dr. Brian Bishop, who has been exceptionally helpful in helping get the ACDU off the ground, recorded the debate. While there are some technical issues owing to the fact that the decision to tape it was made very late in the game, I think the video gives you a good idea of how it went. If you’re interested in getting involved in a debate yourself, you may find something useful here in the way of strategy or presentation tactics.

If you’d like to follow along, click here to download the 1st Affirmative and 1st Negative speeches.

affirmative-brief (Dr. Venturo)

negative-brief (Dr. Smith)

Thanks to Jesse Kumin of and Dr. Anders Gronstedt, president of Gronstedt Group, for taking some pictures (Anders is responsible for the three at the top). Also, as expected, Pints Pub was a fine choice of venue. Beer is good, and theirs especially so.

We’re in the process of planning our next debate and we welcome any and all comments and recommendations.

Finally, we’d invite you to visit our Facebook page and join up.

Author: @Doc

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